Laser Cataract Surgery

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Cataract & Lens Implants
Laser Cataract Surgery

The Latest Technology Meets Proven Expertise

From helping pioneer no-stitch/no-needle cataract surgery techniques to opening the area’s first eye surgery center, Mid Florida Eye Center has been advancing eye care in Lake County for over 25 years. Now, with Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery, our patients have more options than ever before for restoring their vision and being independent of glasses.

A Bladeless Surgical Experience

Laser Cataract Surgery is an option for patients who want to increase their chance of freedom from glasses. It’s the most advanced cataract surgery technique available today. The surgery is completely bladeless, giving surgeons increased accuracy and the ability to correct astigmatism. Plus, the laser’s real-time 3D visualization, when combined with our surgeons’ expertise, results in a truly customized lens replacement procedure.

Experience Matters

Together, our nationally and internationally renowned cataract surgeons—Dr. Jeffrey D. Baumann, Dr. Gregory J. Panzo, and Dr. Keith C. Charles—have performed more than 150,000 successful cataract and laser procedures. They understand how to effectively leverage laser technology to achieve the best possible visual outcomes.

Advanced Technology Lenses

When paired with the right lens, Laser Cataract Surgery can dramatically improve your vision—possibly at all distances. Thanks to our participation in groundbreaking clinical research trials, we have a diverse selection of advanced technology lenses. We will help you choose the one that fits your lifestyle best.

Advanced Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery used to be about preventing blindness, but with today's sophisticated cataract removal systems, premium intraocular lenses (IOL's), and guidance from the ORA System®, your surgeon may return your vision to the way it was years ago.

How the ORA System® Works

The ORA System guides your surgeon to help give you back your youthful vision by ensuring the IOL being used to replace your natural lens is perfectly selected and perfectly placed. This helps your surgeon give you a better visual outcome.

ORA-guided cataract surgery also helps provide you tailored results. Now, during the procedure, your surgeon can take measurements of your eye using the ORA System and make any necessary adjustments to refine your visual outcome.

It used to be that your surgeon needed to wait weeks after performing surgery to determine your vision results. Thanks to ORA, this is no longer the case!

Schedule your cataract consultation today by calling 1-888-820-7878 (toll-free) or 352-735-2020 to see if Laser Cataract Surgery is an option for you.

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Jeffrey Baumann, MD

Gregory Panzo, MD

Keith Charles, MD

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