Learn About Lenses - IOLs

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Cataract & Lens Implants
Learn About Lenses - IOLs

Custom Cataract Surgery/Premium Lens Implants

While most people know that huge strides have been made in cataract surgery, including the no stitch, no needle procedures that Mid Florida Eye Center Surgeons helped pioneer, many don’t know we can customize cataract surgery with premium lens implant options which are right for them. We were the first physicians in the region to offer a wide array of monofocal and premium multifocal lens options.

Why Do I Need A Lens Implant?

Without a replacement lens, very thick glasses would need to be worn at all times to compensate for the removal of your natural lens. To reduce you need of glasses, when your cataract is removed, we will replace it with an artificial lens. This lens is called an IOL, or intraocular lens (intraocular meaning inside of the eye). The IOL is made to fit into the natural lens support system of the human eye.

What Are My Options?

Until recently, patients did not have options as to the IOL type. The standard monofocal lens, designed to improve distance vision, was implanted in all cataract procedures. Patients had to wear glasses for close up, arm's length, and sometimes distance vision corrections. Today, with technologically advanced lenses, patients have options. Once cataract surgery is recommended, you will be presented with different package options based on your visual needs and what type of IOL best suits your lifestyle. Your surgeon will recommend an IOL Package and specific IOL type based on your exam, lifestyle needs, and your health.


Gregory Panzo, MD

Jeffrey Baumann, MD

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