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Retina Care in Mid Florida

The Retina And Normal Vision


In normal vision, the eye works much like a camera, in which the lens in the front allows light through to the film, creating a picture. The eye functions in a similar fashion. Light enters through the cornea and lens. Then that light focuses on the retina, which is the “film” in the eye. The retina is a thin layer of delicate nerve tissue that lines the back portion of the eye. It has two main parts – the macula, responsible for central and color vision, and the peripheral retina, responsible for side vision and night vision.

How Is It Treated?

Diabetic retinopathy is treated in many ways depending on the stage of the disease and the specific problem that requires attention. Options include lasers, injections of medication, and traditional surgery. The goal of treatment is to arrest the progression of the disease.

It is recommended for patients diagnosed with diabetes to have a yearly eye exam with an ophthalmologist or optometrist. Also, closely monitor blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol to help prevent diabetic retinopathy.

Advanced Retinal Testing

As mentioned, early diagnosis is key and makes treatment quicker and easier for the patient. Mid-Florida Eye Center prides itself on offering the latest in retinal testing. The doctor may recommend one or a combination of tests at your visit. These tests may be; Ultrasound Testing, Fluorescein & ICG Angiography, Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT), or an Electroretinogram.

The Electroretinography is our newest technology that aids in detecting abnormal retinal functions. (ERG) is an important clinical tool that provides an objective quantitative measure of retinal function. ERGs elicited by patterned stimuli (PERGs) reflect the activity of the inner retina (primarily retinal ganglion cells), whereas ERGs result from luminance modulation of a uniform field taps activity of the outer retina (primarily ON bipolar cells).

Who are Mid Florida Eye's Retinal Specialists?

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