Shawn C. Wilker, M.D.

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Shawn C. Wilker, M.D.

Shawn C. Wilker, M.D.

Retina/Vitreous Surgery • Macular Disorders • Diabetic Eye Care • Lasers

Dr. Wilker completed his undergraduate training at Stetson University and went on to earn a medical degree from Case Western Reserve University. He completed an internship in Internal Medicine at University of Florida and returned to Case Western to serve his residency. His varied accomplishments include a Fellowship in Medical and Surgical Retina at The Wilmer Ophthalmologic Institute at Johns Hopkins University. He served as Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology in Case Western's Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences from 2009 to 2013. As Vice Director of the Retinal Disease Analysis Reading Center (REDIARC), he has contributed to the success of multiple clinical trials worldwide. He is board certified in Ophthalmology.

To read a recent manuscript written by Dr. Wilker and published by National Institute of Health please Click Here.

This manuscript outlines pain that is a common feature of ocular motor cranial nerve palsies from presumed microvascular ischemia; however, the natural history of pain in this condition has not been studied. The purpose of this report is to define the temporal profile and severity of pain in isolated microvascular ocular motor cranial nerve palsies (MP), with special reference to diabetics versus nondiabetics.




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